Southern Electrical Services - Prevented installation of Solar Panels

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To reduce my carbon footprint I was to have Solar Panels fitted to my property on Monday 19 September by an approved installer but this will have to be delayed because Southern Electric says "if you have an export meter that was installed by anyone other than the electricity supplier, we will be unable to use this meter for the Feed In Tariff (FIT) scheme."

The export meter is a key and fundamental part of the installation and something the installer provides as part of the installation of the system, and, more importantly, cannot be completed and commissioned without it. This is not an issue with other electricity suppliers and it begs the question that if someone wanted to transfer their business from one of these suppliers to Southern Electric, are Southern Electric saying that they would want another meter installed if the one already there was installed by a registered installer? If so it is likely that it would invalidate any installation warranty provided, because the new meter does not form part of the original installation. The other thing I don't understand is that every functional part of the system has to be MCS approved and the meter the installer supply's would be exactly the same or similar to what Southern Electric would supply anyway, and can be read using the same devices their meter readers use.

In my opinion Southern Electric is and has adopted a Restrictive Trading Practice (RTP) which should be removed immediately.

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Southern Electrical Services - Stole over 16K in 3 days and keep giving me the run around.

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